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ButterCream Gang

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The ButterCream Gang was officially established as a Steam group on March 11, 2012, after much debate regarding the clan name. The official origin date is lost to history.


Current Roster

The current roster of the ButterCream Gang looks-a like this, in order of age:



Needless to say, ordering by rank and skill would be a hell of a lot different. 


Clan Tags


The current clan tag for the ButterCream Gang is BCG. Variations include BcG and BrCG.




It was MightyGoat's idea to call the clan The ButterCream Gang after the film of the same name, citing our conservative Mormon upbringing and the irony of the movie.


Video Games



Board Games


  • Android: Netrunner 
  • Galaxy Trucker
  • Space Alert 
  • Coup
  • Avalon
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Sheriff of Nottingham




The clan was originally known as the Senior (Sr). clan during our Team Fortress 2 era because MightyGoat liked the idea of an older group of gamers with a "Senior" military designation. He also liked to give some members a "Junior" designation, most famously Duke as Jr. Pyro during the Team Fortress 2 era. This is one in a series of MightyGoat's well-known trolling.  But Soup believed the "Senior" designation sounded like senior citizens. There was much argument and discussion over the name of the clan for these reasons. Duke later said he was embarrassed by our arguing over the clan name at a LAN at his house.

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