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Soup's origin story began in the 90s, when Yahoo! Chat was a thing and he woo'd girls online using a name he thought conveyed an innocent, fratboy image: Stewie or Stewboy. This later evolved to the name Soup through mysterious origins. Some theories include that the current name is short for Superman or that he simply likes soup.




Soup has a reputation for upholding fairness in battle, preferring to win, and preferring to play as a team against other players.


Favorite Games


  • Dota 2
  • BFME2
  • Hearthstone






Soup's history with Mightygoat's trolling is well-documented. In the early days of BCG history, he was susceptible to anger and frustration over MightyGoat's taunts, but he has now become immune to the point of his infamous shrug.

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